Scrap your vehicle FREE and Legally, we offer a Free Scrap Car collection service.

What happens when my car is taken away?

We will responsibly recycle your vehicle, it is passed through a set process to remove all recyclable items from it prior to crushing.

What if I have lost the keys?

This is not a big problem – we will need your permission to gain entry. Our drivers are well trained and will get access to your vehicle by breaking a window.

I think the brakes are locked and it may not move

Our driver / operators will lift your vehicle onto the back of the car transporter regardless of if the wheels are locked or not.

Does my vehicle need to be complete in one piece?

If you want to remove parts like the tyres, wheels, glass and wing mirrors etc then that will not matter to us. Please explain to us the exact state of the vehicle at the time of booking to ensure we send the correct vehicle to transport your vehicle back to us here in Billericay, Essex.

Should I notify the DVLA in Swansea?

You can notify them when we take your vehicle – If you have lost your logbook then send a covering letter to them, we would suggest that you produce by photocopier, two copies of our vehicle disposal form and send one of them to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BD.

Am I able to claim back my unused car road tax?

No, not anymore

Do you scrap just the shell if that's all I have?

Yes although the value may be affected, give full details when emailing us.

Should I drain the fuel and fluids?

No that’s something that we do. We are a fully licensed waste carrier, and we are registered with the Environment Agency. The vehicle fluids like brake fluid, oil and fuel are drained and removed as part of the dismantling process.

What should I do before and after collection?

Make sure you don’t leave anything personal in the car and remove any tax disc (if it’s not expired) that you might wish to claim back. You can then complete your vehicle registration document / logbook (V5 Document) section 9, and then send it to the DVLA once we have taken your vehicle. it’s in your interest to notify DVLA as if you fail to do this you may be liable for a fine.

Can you get my car at the weekend?

Yes, if you work during the week we can pickup in the evening or at weekends.

Do you sell cars?

No, we are purely a car disposal / scrap business.

What about spares?

No, every part is either crushed or recycled.

Can you give me a (COD) Certificate of destruction?

Yes, it’s an official receipt that will confirm that the vehicle will be legally disposed of and scrapped and that this will be done in an environmentally sound manner. The CoD is issued on request once the vehicle has been de-registered.

Why should I choose Car Disposals to scrap my car?

Our legal and environmentally safe scrap process is carried out in a friendly and professional manner, we have drivers out every day and can have someone in your area for pickup normally within 24 hours. We are an established and fully registered company and have an interest to keep our customers happy and dispose of your vehicles correctly and legally.

What will happen when I call or email?

Depending on what date you want your vehicle picked up our driver will call at a pre-arranged time time to collect your vehicle free of charge.

When are you open?

9am – 9pm Monday to Saturday.

How long before you collect the car?

Yes, it’s an official receipt that will confirm that the vehicle will be legally disposed of and scrapped and that this will be done in an environmentally sound manner. The CoD is issued on request once the vehicle has been de-registered.Normally we can pickup your vehicle within Essex or London within 24 hours. Obviously this depends on how busy we are and always good advice is to book early.

I am at work does this matter if I am not home when you collect?

No, as long as you make arrangements to leave the keys and documents along with the car at the specified address when you book our driver then that’s fine.

Are you a proper vehicle disposal company?

Yes, we are licenced by the environmental agency. Parts of vehicles are hazardous and that’s why we encourage you to use a licenced scrap car business. This ensures that our local authorities don’t end up wasting large amounts of tax payers money to dispose of a fly-tipped vehicle.

I have lost my v5 log book, is that a problem?

No. You will just need to write a letter giving us permission to take the vehicle. You can then inform DVLA that you have disposed of the vehicle and can reference your certificate of destruction from us.

I want to keep my number plate

When your application has been approved by the DVLA, you will receive a V778 Retention Document allowing you to retain your private number plate.

Who tells the DVLA that my car has been scrapped?

We do this as long as you have supplied the log book with the car.

How long will it take for my vehicle to be collected?

We have a number of recovery vehicles operating throughout the South East 7 days a week. We can therefore usually collect your vehicle on the same day as you call. If this is not convenient then we can arrange another day that is convenient for you. On the day of collection, it will take no more than 15 minutes to take your car or van away.

Do I need to be there when you collect my car?

No you do not need to be there. If you could leave the keys and the paperwork with a family member or a trusted neighbour, then we are happy to collect the car from them. If you could just let us know before we arrive so we know whom to deal with.

What if I do not have a log book/V5C document?

If you do not have the registration document it is not a problem, we will get you to complete a vehicle surrender form. You will need to provide us with some proof of ownership of the vehicle. We will send off the vehicle surrender form and the DVLA will send you a Certificate of Destruction once the vehicle has been scrapped.

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