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Scrap your vehicle FREE and Legally, we offer a Free Scrap Car collection service

Essex scrap cars

Getting your car out of your Garage or off your drive is easy, it's good for the environment, it’s fast and it’s free to get your car safely disposed of and scrapped. To begin this process you can complete the form on the right, press submit and we will be sure to contact you to arrange collection of the vehicle on the date you specified on the form. Alternatively you can email us directly or phone us, the email and number is at the top of the screen.

We are an established, environmentally aware Essex based company, with a safety first attitude, that disposes and scraps vehicles all over London and Essex, we have specialist procedures and machines that ensures this process is conducted in a safe and 'green' manner, we will ensure you car is correctly processed and that the DVLA is informed of the car's end of life and change of ownership.

Scrap Car disposal Essex

Our company scraps literally hundreds of cars, trucks, SUV, people carriers and motorbikes every week There is considerable work involved in recovering your vehicle from where ever it is located and preparing it for scrap by removing all fluids, tyres, glass and plastic from the vehicle and we ensure that we follow the correct guidelines that ensure your vehicle comes to it's end of life in a safe and controlled manner which is good for our local environment and good for those that live in it.

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